Dear Patrons,
We have decided to take further steps to try and prevent COVID-19 from spreading.
We are trying to limit personal contact as much as possible. If you can conduct business over the phone with one of our employees, we encourage you to do so. If at all possible please limit personal exposure with employees and other patrons.
At this time it is our intention to remain fully staffed to accommodate all your products & services you still need.
These precautions are meant to reduce the potential spread of Coronavirus.
Please call with any questions or concerns you may have. The entire staff sincerely hopes that everyone stays safe and healthy and this outbreak resolves itself sooner rather than later.

Jason Stark, General Manager
Tabor Lumber Coop

Now Available!
Calf Shelter 14 X 20 and 6 foot tall.
Feed Bunks 3 plant by 16 foot and 4 plank by 16 foot.
Please contact Randy @ Tabor Lumber Coop for details and pricing.
General Manager, Jason Stark
Office Manager, Jen Carda
Bookkeeper, Heidi Fischer

Tabor Lumber Coop